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German Evening Courses in Berlin

Basic Level A1

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German language course in Berlin


German Evening courses

Lenght Hours of lesson Prices
1 week 4 40 €
2 weeks 8 65 €
3 weeks 12 85 €
4 weeks 16 95 €
6 weeks 24 135 €
8 weeks 32 170 €
12 weeks 48 245 €

A1 German Evening courses Berlin

All the German Courses prices are made up of 19% of taxes

Every standard German Course lasts four weeks.

The best price for the German Evening courses is 95 €.

Registration fee 10 €.
Level test 0 €.
Trial lesson 0 €.
At the end of every course you will obtain, by request, a frequency and level certificate.
German Evening Courses A1

"PSP Sprachpunkt is a small language school with a friendly, family-like atmosphere. During breaks our students try out their new German skills when chatting with fellow students that come from all over the world."

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German Evening Courses in Berlin Basic Level A1

CEF - Common European Framework of Reference of Languages

Learn German with German teachers in Berlin

You can understand and use familiar everyday expressions and very basic phrases aimed at meeting your needs. You can introduce yourself and others and you can ask and answer questions concerning personal details such as where he/she lives, people he/she knows and things he/she has. You can interact in a simple way provided the other person talks slowly and clearly and is prepared to help.

Examination: Start Deutsch 1

We are pleased to offer German language courses at various levels from beginners to advanced. Small groups ensure efficient learning & early results. We are able to guarantee groups of less than 12. Motivating lessons with diverse & well thought out exercises, films and other audio-visual language-learning tools, tandem 2-partner practice, Interviews, plenty of support & fun...!

German Language School in Berlin

PSP Sprachpunkt promises you:

  • German Courses at a language school with a high quality standard, located near the the Berlin Wall
  • German-Intensive Courses take place in Kreuzberg, the famed district of Berlin
  • German-Evening Courses in an inspiring neighborhood where many artists live and work
  • German-Summer Courses for young people from all over the world
  • German Courses are made up of small groups with 4 to a maximum of 12 participants

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German Courses in Berlin. The Germans will help fulfill your dreams to:

  • read in German
  • listen and comprehend spoken German texts
  • understand the German language
  • speak in German
  • write in German
  • use the German Grammar
  • use your German in everyday life

Do you want to learn German fast and without difficulty?


  • The owner of PSP Sprachpunkt, Agnieszka Marczyk, guarantees you to a 100%, that every course keeps up a high quality standard, and that you will successfully pass your German Language Exam.
  • PSP Sprachpunkt makes sure to keep up the high quality standard of the German lessons, so you can have the best possible learning experience. That is why tests on a regular basis are part of the language program.


Be a winner!
The growing interest to learn the German language and to live and work in Germany attracts more and more people to Berlin. Because the number of participants per German course in Berlin is limited, please check beforehand if there are still places available in the German course of your choice at PSP Sprachpunkt.

Okay. Now come on, register yourself for one of our German Course in Berlin!

Learning to speak German in Berlin




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