German-Intensive Courses in Germany


Current Course Schedule


Do you now the seven secret steps to your future success?

Smart as you are, you've probably figured out by now that

the German-Intensive Courses

take place from Monday to Friday,

5 times a week,

at our language school PSP Sprachpunkt.

The fantastic German Course

consists of 20 group lessons per week and,

just imagine, you can either

take the course in the morning or in the afternoon.
Intensive German Courses in Germany

Everybody already knows that you are

improving your German grammar

and German pronunciation

and that you are broadening your knowledge of the German vocabulary in a

German Intensive Course at PSP Sprachpunkt.

Soon you notice that the main priority of the

German Intensive Course is set on putting the German language into practice,

and to concentrate on you and your learning progress.

And surely you have heard that the friendly and

highly qualified German teacher staff

is there to help and encourage you in your learning process of the German language.