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German Summer courses in Berlin Kreuzberg

German Summer Courses in Berlin 2020


How can you learn German within 2 months?


Do you want to learn German fast and without difficulty?


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How can you learn German?
What can you do with your new language skills?
Who should be interested in learning German?

German Summer Courses in Berlin

New German Summer Courses in Berlin, in Germany, guarantee:

  • German Courses in the morning or afternoon.
  • You will improve your German grammar skills.
  • Your ability to speak German.
  • You can make use of the German language in your work life.
  • You will prepare yourself for any German language exams within the friendly, familiar classroom atmosphere at PSP Sprachpunkt.
  • Practical, useful ideas, all in German.

Don't get stuck in you daily routine.
Improve yourself.
Become a better man.
Become the best.

New German Summer Courses in Berlin, in Germany

Do you want to learn German in the morning or in the evening?
Now you know that you can improve your German in Berlin, in Germany. There is no doubt about it. And you will be irreplaceable and admired.

New German Summer Courses in Berlin, in Germany
Do you want to learn German in the morning or in the evening?
Just imagine how excellent you will master the German language.
Take the challenge,
you will gain trust and the whole world will listen to you like never before.

The German Course will give you new impulses, it will give you enjoyment and hope, so you will not worry about grades and stress over the final exam or have anxiety about the future. Together with you, PSP Sprachpunkt increases the activity, the conversation and the general well-being in the class room.
You will lose less money and less time, you will be more self-assured, your self-esteem will get a boast, because you will constantly be using the German language from the very beginning of the German course.

Do you want to book the German course in Berlin, in Germany right now?

Just wait a sec, because I also want you to know that I am offering you more than the ordinary German course. The Berlin of today attracts every kind of good fortune. With the help of PSP Sprachpunkt you will master the German language and then be able to experience and share this new fortune in Berlin. And in Germany, and all over the world. Beyond all borders.
german summer courses in berlin

What do you think is the best way to learn German fast and successfully?

A summer in Berlin and a German language course at PSP Sprachpunkt are a good start, so you won't be as stressed anymore at home or at work. You will be in the possession of simple and convenient strategies to reduce stress and will know how to use them to your advantage. This self-composure is linked to your new language skills, because you are persistently improving your German. Always and everywhere.

You have nothing to lose. Be a great person for the world just by speaking German.

“If I am right about my theory of relativity, the Germans will say I am a German and the French will say I am a cosmopolitan. If my theory proves wrong, the French will say I am a German, and the Germans will say I am a Jew.”
Albert Einstein, addressing the French Philosophical Society at the Sorbonne on April 6th 1922

The secret of success of the German language:
Step by step you are gaining control over the German language. You are managing the daily occurrences with your newly gained German language skills, and are not being controlled by them anymore. The German language enables you to earn more money in Germany and all over the world.
you are a young, talented and intelligent person.

All of this can come true for a monthly fee of only 220 Euros at PSP Sprachpunkt, in Germany.

Do you want to book a German course right now?

How can you sign up for a German course?

Fill out the registration form for the German Course or make an appointment to come by our office at PSP Sprachpunkt and fill out the registration form for the German Course in person.


Be a winner!
The growing interest to learn the German language and to live and work in Germany attracts more and more people to Berlin. Because the number of participants per German course in Berlin is limited, please check beforehand if there are still places available in the German course of your choice at PSP Sprachpunkt.

P.S.: By the way, how do you say e=mc2 in German?
I will help you experience the feeling of freedom just by learning German.



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